The Maynard Company for Journalism Education

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18 Ocak 2022
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The Maynard Company for Journalism Education

The Maynard Institute pertaining to Journalism Education is an American nonprofit that trains persons of color to become press, editors, and newspaper managers. The Institute’s mission is to add to the number of people of color in mainstream media channels and agrupacion. Founded in 1984, the Institute intended for Journalism Education was has been renowned in honor of its co-founder Robert C. Maynard. Founded in Chicago, Illinois, the organization is actually led by simply important source Matn G. Reynolds and Evelyn Hsu.

The Maynard Company was established in 1977 by nine media. It is committed to the development of a various journalism field and encourages diversity between journalists. The Institute began being a publication referred to as the Caudwell Journals, that have been personal accounts of dark journalists. After the first decade, the job expanded to a oral history project, in which the Maynard Start interviewed 29 black journalists. The selection interviews were made practical by a grant from your John Ersus. and David K. Dark night Foundation.

The Maynard Start is a nonprofit firm that focuses on journalism education and explore. Its courses and investigate are designed to enhance the career and world. It is located in Chicago and is open to most journalists. Education costs is $10, 1000. On-campus expenses and dishes at Northwestern University are also covered. However , it is important to make note of that scholarships are not designed for this program. The Maynard Commence is a highly selective and highly revered program.

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